tisdag 11 november 2014

205. A fictional character

I want you to meet Sara from my book.

The only things she owns: a backpack, a notebook and some clothes. She writes down everything in the notebook.

She has a life of travelling. She is travelling to different centuries and countries. It's not normal, that's all she knows. But when she meets Maria and Adam everything changes.

Adam tells her not to trust any women she meets. They will kill her by making her weak. She is the most important person in the circle of dreamers, the source of Power to the other ones.
Maria is a person that you don't get to know yet.

A dreamer is a person with a curse to never find the right century. The only hope is the one that isn't related to the others. In this book it is Sara.

Boken är skriven på mitt modersmål eftersom min hjärna stänger av så fort jag ska skriva på engelska. Jag kommer förmodligen inte skriva mer eftersom det är ett skolprojekt. Boken kanske inte alls blir klar men jag har att den ska bli klar som mål.

Saras kläder

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